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Flaming Coals HotRods Charcoal Briquettes


Flaming Coals HotRods Charcoal Briquettes are a 100% natural wood Japanese grade charcoal briquette that burns with INTENSE heat and lasts much longer than regular lump charcoal - Our independent testing results showed the briquettes staying hot for up to 6 hours. Quite simply: It burns HOT and it burns LONG.


This chart compares the burn time and temperature of different leading brands of Charcoal briquettes and beads tested in a kettle bbq

Image: Comparison chart showing burn time and temperature in celsius of different charcoal briquettes sold in Australia 


Requiring a much smaller amount, using HotRods means less time filling up your BBQ before and during the cook, saving you time and money. Flaming Coals HotRods are odourless and clean burning, making them perfect for anyone who wants a neutral heat without altering the flavours of the meat. They also play well with others, just add some flavoured wood chunks or charcoal lumps for a mix of flavour and heat!


Image show long lasting glowing Hot White Charcoal Briquettes in a weber kettle




  • 100% Natural
  • No additives
  • Clean burning
  • Odourless
  • No sparks
  • High heat output
  • Up to 6 hours of burning time
  • 7.5kg per box


Frequently Asked Questions:
What are Flaming Coals HotRods Charcoal Briquettes made of?
Flaming coals hotrods charcoal briquettes are made from bamboo. The process of making the charcoal briquette is as follows: The bamboo is ground down into a powder, from there it is put into a briquette manufacturing machine that dries the sawdust before it is compressed under extremely high pressure into a bamboo log. From there the bamboo log is placed in kilns and burnt for 1-2 weeks depending on the
charcoal briquette grade required. All our Hotrod charcoal briquettes are "Japanese grade" so they are kept in the kiln for the longest time possible.

This image shows all the bamboo briquette logs stacked up in a kiln before they are burnt into charcoal

Are there any chemicals in the Flaming coals Hotrods? 
No, The Flaming Coals briquettes do not have any accelerants, whiting agents or filler. They are 100% natural. 

What is the best way to light the Hotrods?
Because the Flaming coals charcoal briquettes do not have any additives and are extremely high density, they tend to be a little harder to light. The best way to light briquettes is to place them upright in a chimney starter with 4 firelighters underneath. Leave them in there are until you are happy with how hot they have become. 20-30 is usually more than enough depending on how many you use. 

image show charcoal briquettes being lit in a chimney starter

How did you test the different charcoal briquettes?
The briquettes were tested using a "real use" test. What that means is we placed the same weight in briquettes to the side of a kettle bbq and had a temperature logger on the opposite side. Just like you would do if you were cooking a roast. For more information on the test, you can look at our Charcoal Briquettes comparison test

What were the other brands tested in the chart?
Unfortunately, due to legal reasons, we cannot name these brands however you can guarantee that we tested the most popular brands available in 2017

Can I use these charcoal briquettes in my smoker?
Yes, due to the long burn time of the hotrods charcoal briquettes and neutral smoke, they are ideal for use it smoking and if set up correctly you can achieve complete smokes without topping up. It may take a couple of test cooks to fine-tune the process for your smoker but once you achieve the perfect cook you can duplicate the process over and over again and the results will be the same.

This image shows Japanese Grade charcoal briquettes being used in an offset smoker. The briquettes were placed in a Charcoal Basket

Barcode # 9348676001688
Brand Flaming Coals
Shipping Weight 7.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.210m
Shipping Height 0.160m
Shipping Length 0.400m
Shipping Cubic 0.013440000m3
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