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Turning your BBQ into a BBQ Rotisserie
By on 14 September 2015 (0) Comments

Before investing in a stand alone rotisserie, why not buy a BBQ rotisserie attachment for your existing BBQ to see whether it's something you enjoy. This is an inexpensive way to truely test the waters whether spit roasting is for you... continue reading
How to Balance a Lamb on a Spit Roaster
By on 27 August 2015 (0) Comments

The most important aspect to cooking on a spit is to make sure that the load is balanced. If you're cooking chickens or boneless meat where it is easy to pass the spit roast skewer through the center of the meat, balancing is quite easy. If however you're... continue reading
Mini Spit in Size, but Packed Full of Features
By on 10 August 2015 (0) Comments

With Fathers day fast approaching on 6th September, many of us may be searching around to find a gift for dad other than the traditional boring socks and jocks... continue reading
Lamb Gyros Spit Roast Recipe
By on 5 August 2015 (0) Comments

Everyone loves lamb gyros cooked on a spit roaster and who wouldn't. Cooking gyros a great fun way to cook for large groups of people, in particular 18 and 21st birthdays where the guests tend to keep straggling in hours after the official start time. ... continue reading
Cooking Gyros on a BBQ Spit
By on 4 August 2015 (0) Comments

Gyros (pronounced yeros) is a style of cooking on a BBQ spit which originated in the Mediterranean in the 19th century and in more recent years it is becoming prevalent among spit roasting enthusiasts throughout Australia... continue reading
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