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How does infrared radiant heating work

Believe it or not, feeling warm has nothing to do with air temperature. What actually makes you feel warm is the absorption of infrared from our surroundings (warming up) or stopping ourselves losing radiation (cooling down) to a "colder" outside. Similar to being out directly in the sun versus under the shade of a tree, it is the invisible light rays from the sun which hit our bodies and clothes which make us feel heat and warmth.This is why infrared radiant heating is such an effective and efficient method of outdoor heating. Unlike heaters which blow hot air, the heat cannot be blown away by the wind.

For those who a more like a technical answer without really getting into the science behind wave lengths and light spectrums, infrared waves like those emitted from an infrared radiant heater travel through the air and produce heat only when they come in contact with an object. When radiation from Infrared panels hit an object, the rays cause molecules they strike to oscillate. The energy continues to be absorbed by the molecules in that object until they oscillate at the frequency of the radiation, at which point the radiation is then reflected and all objects in a room become radiators. Infrared continues to radiate through a room until all its energy is absorbed and all objects warm up and begin reflecting heat back.


As well as being highly efficient in keeping us warm, other benefits of infrared radiant heaters include:

  • No glowing elements
  • No internal moving parts therefore it is silent when in use
  • Unobtrusive and out of the way because they are wall or ceiling mounted
  • Cost effective to run

To correctly mount an infrared radiant heater, they should be mounted between 1800mm to 2400mm from the ground.
As a guide of their effectiveness to heat a large area, the typical heating coverage is:

Wattage Temperature Length Width
1800 23 2100 1200
1800 21 3500 2100
2400 23 3500 2500
2400 21 4500 3500
3200 23 4100 3100
3200 21 6400 4600

Infrared radiant heaters are available in different sizes depending on the size of the outdoor area that needs heating. Click here to check out our range of heaters



Author: Rhiannon Peterson

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