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Inaugural Customer of the month

After putting a call out to our newsletter subscribers in last month's newsletter and our Facebook audience, Sparky Gooch kindly volunteered to be our inaugural customer of the month.

Sparky purchased from us over 2 years ago so clearly, we left quite an impression on him and rightly so if he managed to cook a great looking Christmas turkey like this one!

Here’s Sparky's Christmas Turkey Recipe:

  • Prick small holes all over with skewer in skin
  • Generously coat with paprika
  • Choose from a plethora of stuffing recipes on google and stuff that turkey.
  • Get fire nice and hot for the first half-hour to crisp up the skin and get it cooking.
  • Reduce heat (or simply let coals die down naturally) for the rest of the journey.

Allow around 30 minutes for every kilo of turkey

Sparky’s Tip for Beginners:

"Sew up the bottom cavity otherwise you’ll lose half of your delicious stuffing in the fire"

If you’re wanting to replicate this at home, you’ll need a skewer, 2 prongs and depending on the size of your turkey and rotisserie, a counterbalance weight


 Rhiannon Peterson   By: Rhiannon Peterson

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